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When Union spies steal an engineer's beloved locomotive, he pursues it single-handedly and straight through enemy lines.

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original title: The General

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Drama,War,Western


imdb: 8.2

duration: 1h 7min

tags: The tale of a lad, a lass and a locomotive. (Trade paper ad).

budget: $750,000

keywords: train, confederatearmy, railwaychase, nationalfilmregistry, general, engineer, army, spy, behindenemylines, enlisting, girl, attack, rescue, escape, civilwar, georgiausa, bigshanty, railroad, recruitm





















































1862, Georgia, USA. The American Civil War is in its second year and Johnnie Gray is barred from enlisting. He is a train engineer and the Confederate Army feel he is more valuable to the Southern cause in his current role than in the army. This frustrates Johnnie and has estranged him from his sweetheart Annabelle, who views him as a coward. Then his beloved engine, The General, is stolen by Union spies and is heading for Union lines. Moreover, Annabelle is on board. Johnnie sets off after the two loves of his life. Johnnie Gray has two loves in his life: his engine and his girl, Annabelle Lee. The War Between the States begins with an attack on Fort Sumter, and Johnnie is the first in line at the recruitment office. But the enlisting officer rejects him (not telling him the reason: he is more valuable to the South as an engineer). Annabelle believes he didn't even try to enlist, and she refuses to even speak to him until he is in uniform. Time passes and Union spies hatch a plot involving Johnnie's engine, The General. Not only do they steal The General while Johnnie and the passengers are off the train having dinner, but they kidnap Annabelle who was still on board. Johnnie pursues The General in another engine, The Texas. Through various mishaps he becomes the Unionists' sole pursuer. When the Unionists discover the train chasing them has only one man aboard, the long pursuit ends, and Johnnie barely escapes with his life. Johnnie is now behind enemy lines. He wanders the forest during a rainstorm then discovers a house, which he breaks into, grabbing what food he can. It turns out the Unionists who stole The General are using the house as a base of operations. While hiding under the dinner table, Johnnie learns the details of their next plot against the Confederates. More importantly, he discovers they have Annabelle Lee, whom he had never guessed was still on The General when it was taken. Johnnie manages to escape with Annabelle and take back The General. Now the Unionists are pursuing Johnnie, but if he and Annabelle can outrace them they can warn the Confederates of the Union's latest plan. Cinema has cherished its long-standing love affair with trains, and The General is perhaps the quintessential train movie. But it is first and foremost a Buster Keaton movie, and this is the forecaster of its continued value. Keaton is arguably the ultimate motion picture maker in the history of the movies; he relentlessly pursued comic perfection through his famous deadpan screen performances and his mechanical wizardry and technical expertise. The General is shockingly contemporary in portraying the romantic relationship between Keaton's Johnnie and Marion Mack's Annabelle Lee -- their interaction is brighter and more sophisticated than most late-20th century movies. The General is a wholly (and for Keaton fans, holy) satisfying film experience crammed with vibrant and hilarious visual gags. Everyone should share this film with a friend. Buster Keaton - WOW!!! this is an amazing silent film. Funny and emotional, Buster Keaton had me laughing uncontrollably. He delivers an hysterical performance as the seemingly weak underdog who becomes the true hero. Like Charlie Chaplan, he is phenomenal at using his facial expressions and body language in such simple ways that are irresistibly funny. I found the music played a key role in provoking positive and negative emotions throughout the movie.

During the long train chase both locomotives stopped many times to adjust the track. I am curious to know how much time was spent on these scenes?

I look forward to watching some other films with Buster Keaton. Source: Marion Meade, Buster Keaton, Cut to the Chase, London, 1995, p. 166 This film is in the public domain, which means that anyone can legally distribute a video copy without paying royalties. Only a few will take the trouble to find a good print or spend money improving the one they have. You may find the film on any number of cheaply-priced discs. Finding a copy with good picture and sound is another matter. Shop around.

You can begin your search here at The General (1927) has no music score. It's a silent film. The music you're hearing was added by its distributor. The quality of the music on DVDs of silent movies varies from distributor to distributor. Some record original scores, some carefully piece together a score from public domain sources and some slap on an irrelevant soundtrack. This film does have good distributors that use good music scores. Shop around. Try watching a silent film without one. When the music is good, it adds to your enjoyment of the film. Even a mediocre score is better than nothing. Yes. Silent movies were shown with live musical accompaniment, which meant anything from a single pianist to a full orchestra, depending on what theater you attended


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